Satan the Dragon

Inevitably, Satan is refer to as the dragon or ancient serpent. Regardless of taking the verses as allegorical, it is nonetheless interesting to note the association of the dragon with waters, rivers and flood.

Revelations 12:15

Then from his mouth the serpent spewed water like a river, to overtake the woman and sweep her away with the torrent.

Backtracking to previous verses, we read how a “great star” fell from earth onto the rivers and springs of water (not oceans). Should people’s cognitive dissonance dissipated by now regarding the biblical cosmogeny (flat domed Earth) and that stars are not what we’ve been led to believe as luminous nebulous plasma held by “gravity”, we recognized the canonized text and apocryphal actually refer angels as stars; literally. This makes sense as to the utmost forbidding worship of heavenly bodies throughout the entire Old Testament and the ancient’s obsession with stars. In fact, it’s game over should a star as what we believed now as gigantic sunlike body approach the Earth, what’s more to fall on it.

This fall of the great star is akin to Satan’s being thrown down on Earth by Michael as well as Jesus’s vision of “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven”. We know from various accounts of how God the Father, Jesus and the angels are of consuming flames and plasma. Thus, Satan’s fell from heaven would resemble a fiery lightning.
Henceforth, with the verses below, we could render the “great star” as the great “angel”; Satan/the cherub in Ezekiel or aka Lucifer. In fact, Wormwood may actually be the real name for Satan because in truth, Satan is merely a title; “the Accuser” while Lucifer simply means bright morning star. Under this assumption, we note the similar association of this great star (Satan) with the the waters.

Revelations 8:10

Then the third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star burning like a torch fell from heaven and landed on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water. 11The name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter like wormwood oil, and many people died from the bitter waters.

Looking to the worldwide mythologies, it is fascinating to note the strong association of dragon with waters particularly the Chinese dragons. An excerpt from Wiki,

“Chinese dragons are strongly associated with water in popular belief. They are believed to be the rulers of moving bodies of water, such as waterfalls, rivers, or seas. They can show themselves as water spouts (tornado or twister over water). In this capacity as the rulers of water and weather, the dragon is more anthropomorphic in form, often depicted as a humanoid, dressed in a king’s costume, but with a dragon head wearing a king’s headdress.”

The famous Dragon King of the Four Seas has the family name of Ao(敖) meaning proud whereby pride is one of the if not the reason for Satan’s fall from grace.

“In the Japanese account, mizuchi is a great water serpent or dragon dwelled and would breathe or spew out its venom, poisoning and killing many passersby. A man named Agatamori approached the pool of the river, cast three calabashes which floated to the surface of the water, and challenged the beast to make these gourds sink, threatening to slay it should it fail. The beast transformed into a deer and tried unsuccessfully to sink them, whereby the man slew the monster. The record goes on to say: “..He further sought out the water-dragon’s fellows. Now the tribe of all the water-dragons filled a cave in the bottom of the pool. He slew them every one, and the water of the river became changed to blood. Therefore that water was called the pool of Agatamori.”

Plot aside, but just extracting elements from this story, we found

-great water serpent

-spew venom

-throwing calabashes to water (water turn bitter)

-water became blood


well, satan came, flooding the land, drying up euphrates and release the 4 angels bounded to kill 1/3 of mankind.


Neptune, poseidon, trident, rahab, wormwood..rahab is sea monster, chinese sea king star, dragon king.god of the sea, trident, used by shiva (the destroyer) / satan



If the earth is flat, and not millions of years old, we may have to rethink alot of things. We learnt petroleum is the result of millions of years processes under temp and pressure. if there earth is 6000 yrs old, well…

also, they claimed the interior composition of earth by testing the p-s waves, if the earth is flat, the socalled mantle,inner outer core.. ?earthquake light

Human by nature are driven by lust of power, wealth, and the average masses are always the scapegoat. when nations are at war, the civilians suffered the casualities, and the young men are conveniently dispense at the interest of several elite individuals. call me unpatriotic if you will, but i find no pride in dying for my country, if by country you mean the government or specifically the personal interests of the elites.

a growing amount of people believe antiobiotics is not mandatory in a lot of cases. we realize these pharmaceuticals industry made billions in revenue by selling us things we don’t need. it’s a sad reality, but we are powerless against the powers of the world. even recently, it is revealed that milk is not as “compulsory” as we think we should need. we conveniently accept and believe things fed to us, but once we trace the genesis of every single thing and ask questions, it seemed that everything is questionable. propaganda is everywhere and we’ve been lied in many lies despite our cognitive dissonance and egoistic thought that, “i’m not that stupid to be lied to”.

Ignorance frequently begets confidence and the fools are always the loudest. And the fools are a lot of times and throughout the history of humankind are, the average masses. They condemn things they had no knowledge, persecute people that spoke the truth, while happily buying lies that leds to their own destruction.

It is notorious for military to scrambled fighter jets in shooting down planes on suspect of vice intentions. And what makes sense of several big sized commercial planes flying against the intended route to destroy building particularly all the way to the pentagon.
Alot people are merely serving as natural opposition. People would say, if the illuminati are real, they wouldnt have allow and assassinated everyone who talk about it, lest openly making various videos on youtube. Well, if they did, they would have proved that they are real. Here, by doing nothing is the best thing to do.
I’ve never really buy into opposition parties. It is not wild to think they’re merely the controlled opposition working for the party they’re against of. In that way, basically, they’re in control of everything. Of course they are sincere people genuinely fighting for their cause, but they wouldnt have known the true agenda of their highest leader.

We’ve all watch movies like internal affairs, and that the chief police turns out the biggest villain. And it’s not just movies. Notorious and powerful ex triad leaders Teddy Hung even said to have bribed the world football teams and that the police forces are deeply corrupted. In fact, he said to have sent his minions to patrol the jail. The inception of ICAC after all is to curb the widespread corruptions among the police forces. Therefore it is ludicrious to even believe our governments are meant to serve us. By 2016 now, do people even trust the words of the politicians. I’m browsing facebook with people criticizing our leaders and their various malpractices. If that’s the case, then how should we ever believe what we believe, because ultimately, it all came from government. Obviously they would fed us lies and set up circumstances which would favor their agenda at our expense. Central banking, pharmaceutical, government funded scientists, media and various giant corporations are heavily interrelated with the government.

The biggest criminal wear tux, not the street thugs. Yes those thug indeed brought harm here and there, but it’s an idea from a great mind, when used inappropriately that cause harm to millions of people. Take capitalism. Why do you think there’s so many poor people. WHat’s brilliant about deception is that people don’t realize they’re being deceived but buying them willingly instead.

When we hear Nazis these days, we fell into disgust. But look at the speech, the picture of the crowd response to Hitler. The entire nation buys into it. We are the germans of the modern day, and worse of it, we don’t know we’re lied to, and worse, we’re persecuting those who try to brings out truth. This is the norm of the fallen world. Jesus spoke the truth and crucified. Wright brothers invented the plane and the world mocked them of fraud. Any successful people nowadays undergone ridiculed and skepticism by their family, friends and the public.
The moral of the story has always been, ignorance is mankind.

Tesla coil

It is genius to name spaceships, missions, as such because people would have believe them as fancy titles instead of an credibility associated with them…. We the masses would assume our leaders as scientific usually theistic but in truth our leaders are the most religious (to Satan) than we’ve ever known.

They said things at your face

Jacob’s ladder, plasma spiralling filament

dome earth is a plasma globe with earth as capacitance, magnet…

Petroleum in bible, lightning cooks ground into oil

solomon grandmaster, apostate, with king of tyre, wiser than daniel

For Christians who think the idea of dragon is ridiculous or that they are ‘mythological’, well, that’s how the atheists think of the the Bible as well. Dragon tales and culture are widespread in ancient cultures and that is of no coincidence. Writers and preachers tend to make themselves more credible to gain funding or selling books by writing what people are more comfortable to accept without them looking stupid and thus deviating from what the Bible wants to say. Those who take the sons of God that mated with daughters of man as sons of Seth for example. And on many other occasions, they’ll say the descriptions are merely metaphor or allegorical. Taking them literally is stupendous and unbelievable because the Bible are supposed to be as such. If Christians can believe God parted the Red Sea or Jesus resurrected from death, how far fetched it is to believe in giants, chimeric abominations, and dragons. Eventually we get crocodiles, hippopotamus and whales in contrary to great beasts the Bible says.

They already have a preconceived notion that dragon is mythical and hence despite the indisputable translation of tannin as the dragon/sea monster, they can beat around the bush and came out with crocodile instead.

pharaoh river ni


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